What Inspires You to Travel?

The more that I travel, the more I want to travel.  I find myself somewhere and think how amazing it is that I am able to be in that place at that time. And then I feel inspired to be in other places at other times with the same feeling of amazement and discovery, because that's often what travel is all about. My collection of places, memories and reminders of how great travel can be. This is what inspires me to travel.

I am on a mission to complete my bucket list of the most beautiful destinations with my best friend, my husband. Now that we are empty nesters. My bucket list consists of the beautiful beaches, top destinations, trying new things, to live life discovering this beautiful world!

I started this blog to share my travel adventures, reviews on tours, hotels, cruises, tips for traveling, & more! Join me on a journey to live a more balanced & fulfilled life with faith, family and friends! 

Your friend,

Julia Lansdell